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New DVD about "Emotions in the Workplace"

A brand new DVD has just been produced showing in great clarity how you can deal with emotions in the workplace. It answers questions like, why is it that some employees get so much more done than others, why are some staff so grouchy and hard to deal with, etc? The subject of the DVD goes over something discovered called the Emotional Tone Scale. This is about a technology I use extensively in my day to day recruiting work. It is an invaluable technology when it comes to dealing with people and it allows me to predict human behavior. I can tell by using the data about the Tone Scale if the person I am interviewing will be a great asset to an employer. It is almost magical in its accuracy.

Check it out at this link:

The DVD is about 45 min long and very entertaining and revealing at the same time. It explains soo much.

Get it and watch it. You need it for your business survival's sake.

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